Twin Towers

By Vladimir Brezina

“The … most prominent landmarks, which can be seen for a long distance at sea, are the twin towers of the World Trade Center …”

New York Harbor and Approaches
United States Coast Pilot Volume 2
30th Edition, 1998


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The individual photos are here.

11 responses to “Twin Towers

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  3. My son was living in Hoboken, and working in Manhattan, at the time of 911. I remember visiting the Twin Towers in June of that year. What a lovely day we had, starting with breakfast in the cafe at the top. All the staff there were so friendly and helpful, and we saw the businessmen in their smart suits in the foyer on their way in to work that day. When that awful day occurred, it just broke my heart. I saw it on TV in South Africa, and just couldn’t believe that anyone could ever plan such a cruel and evil thing to do to all those innocent and lovely people. I love your photos which remind me of happier days looking across the river at those amazing edifices.


    • Yes. Johna has written about that day here.

      For a long time the skyline didn’t seem right without the Twin Towers—there was something essential missing. But now, even though they are not the same, there are new towers rising…


  4. Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing these specific photos with me. I appreciate you letting me know that you had another post. :)



    Tell me please ? how do you highlight one word and then attach photos behind it? I would love to know how to do this? Love your pictures!


    • “Highlight one word and then attach photos behind it”? I am not sure I understand. Where did I do that? If you mean in slide shows (although not this particular one), that I can tell you…



        I am trying.. I am not sure how…Thank you though!


        • Actually, I think I do know what you mean. I’ve seen it in other blogs. But unfortunately the theme (Coraline) we are using for Wind Against Current doesn’t allow it. If I wanted to do something like that, I would not do it in WordPress, but create the composite image in another program such as Photoshop and then upload it.

          Good luck!



          I see- thank you -yes photoshop will be my next acquisition right after a new camera!


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