Kayaks Under the Keel

By Vladimir Brezina

Sea kayaking, most of the time, is about wide open waters… But, paradoxically, kayakers also can’t resist exploring tight spaces. They poke the nose of their boat into every sea cave they come across, for instance.

Urban paddling is a bit different. Instead of sea caves, we have low bridges, tunnels, passages under piers.

And now and again, we even get the chance to paddle under another boat…

IMGP1937 cropped small
IMGP1938 cropped small
IMGP1939 cropped small

… to create our own sea-cave experience

IMGP2621 cropped small

27 responses to “Kayaks Under the Keel

  1. I can no longer kayak very often and I love exploring tight/shallow places!


  2. Fabulous fun photos.


  3. Love the last photo. What spectacular color. Fun post.


  4. A bit like spelunking but with a little more wiggle-room. :)


  5. Love the yellow boat – lovely bright colors to contrast the water. It looks like a lot of fun to kayak the harbor…


  6. Wow! That is quite an experience.


  7. Pretty crazy going under that barge raised up on spud piles!


  8. Very cool. Reminds me of the first time when flying, looking down and seeing an airplane. The world turned upside-down :-)


  9. The beauty of ‘wearing a boat’ allows for great exploration… tight spaces are always such fun!


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