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By Vladimir Brezina


… where the towers of the old World Trade Center used to be.

A contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge, Monochromatic.

Kayaks Under the Keel

By Vladimir Brezina

Sea kayaking, most of the time, is about wide open waters… But, paradoxically, kayakers also can’t resist exploring tight spaces. They poke the nose of their boat into every sea cave they come across, for instance.

Urban paddling is a bit different. Instead of sea caves, we have low bridges, tunnels, passages under piers.

And now and again, we even get the chance to paddle under another boat…

IMGP1937 cropped small
IMGP1938 cropped small
IMGP1939 cropped small

… to create our own sea-cave experience

IMGP2621 cropped small

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Pattern.

Urban patterns…

DSC_0090 cropped smallDSC_0113 cropped smallDSC_0103 cropped small

(Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, December 2010)

… and here are a few natural patterns.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Urban.

Two views down the street…

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Beauty and the Beast

By Vladimir Brezina

I always think that this next one would make a perfect Ayn Rand book cover…

More New York City scenes are here.