Travel Theme: Minimalist

By Vladimir Brezina

Minimalist again? Ailsa, you and The Daily Post really have to coordinate your Photo Challenges! :-)

Anyhow, we do strive to travel in a minimalist fashion, with only the gear that is absolutely necessary. But it’s a work in progress—

How will it all fit?At the start of the 2014 Everglades Challenge.

25 responses to “Travel Theme: Minimalist

  1. Replace kayak with luxury 40-foot sailboat – that should give the solution of getting all of that in – but only just!

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    • We did in fact get all that stuff into the two kayaks, with room to spare. Kayaks hold a surprisingly large amount of stuff. Kayaking is much more comfortable in that respect than backpacking :-)

      Unfortunately a 40-foot sailboat wouldn’t be able to complete the Everglades Challenge, which requires you to pass over miles of shallows, under low bridges, … Sailboats do complete the Challenge (and usually win), but they are small, purpose-built boats…

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  2. You have a lot of necessities! :-)


  3. I like colonialist’s idea. But since I prefer paddling, I’ll have my hubby sail the boat with all of my gear, and I’ll paddle :-) What a deal! Have a great time!


  4. This made me laugh out loud, thinking of how many cases I have to take on holiday. :)


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  6. Actually, I was surprised that was all you had! I didn’t see food or water, although for a short jaunt you wouldn’t need that.



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  8. It’s amazing how much can go in a kayak or backpack and still have room.


  9. Haha, yeah, that’s not exactly travelling light, Vlad ;) Oh and oops, I had no idea WordPress did Minimalist as their theme just over a month ago, I need to keep track of what they’re doing! Happy New Year to you and Johna. xxx Ailsa


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