Minimal Autumn

By Vladimir Brezina

Minimal Autumn

A contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge, Minimalist, and Ailsa’s recent travel-themed photo challenge, Autumn.

20 responses to “Minimal Autumn

  1. What a glorious photo – wonderful translucent colour.


  2. This is perfect, the colors, the composition (the way the dots and veins are arranged in the leaf makes my eye go zooming around in circles) and the fit with the two themes. It makes me want to go closer and closer, to see the cells with pigment in their islands of color. I love this. Thanks, Vlad!


  3. love the color :) <3


  4. Wünsche ein schönes Wochenende ;-)


  5. I never thought of how awesome an autumn leaf would look if you zoomed in. It’s kind of psychedelic.


  6. Autumn has such a heart of fire.


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  8. Beautiful colors :)


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