By Vladimir Brezina

The sun rises above the horizon, and immediately its warming rays disperse the morning chill. It’s going to be another hot one!


A response to this week’s Photo Challenge, Warmth.

21 responses to “Warmth

  1. What a stunning visual ! Marvelous interpretation :)


  2. Lovely photo. I’d love to be standing on the beach in Mexico right now experiencing that warmth. :D


  3. Beautiful photo. I will take many hot days if I can see sunrise like this ;-) Helen


  4. I guess this picture was taken from a plane instead of a kayak …?
    Anyhow it’s gorgeous.


  5. an a warm happy new Years wish to u an urs …weetsuit time fer a bit so yes stay warm :) .. Q 8-)


  6. I love the way the light shimmers.


  7. vastlycurious.com

    Great photo and balcony even better ! Happy New Year to you both !


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