Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition, Take Two

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Juxtaposition.

In New York Harbor, little boats (juxta)posed with big ships…

IMGP3098 cropped small 2Little boats & big ships 2IMGP0079 croppedLittle boats & big ships 4

The first “Juxtaposition” post was here.

55 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition, Take Two

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  2. I really like the contrast of the kayak, the tugboat, and the tanker/container ship in the first photo. It truly lends perspective.


  3. Great juxtapositions! I love the second one… gorgeous color and you have to hunt for the little kayak.


  4. not sure I would argue with either of these guys


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  7. I remember my first encounter with a container ship that was anchored in the channel separating my island with Vancouver Island. It was a windy paddling day and the rollers were rolling. The only calm was in the lee side of the ship. I touched the side and looked up but could not see the railing because of the arch of the hull. The best wave was coming off her bow. Quite a ride back out into the waves. The entire time, I doubt anyone knew I was paddling up along side. a very strange feeling being so small.


    • Yes, it’s quite a scary experience to be that close, even if the ship is anchored. (All those in this post are anchored—but we have plenty of “fun” running away or hiding from those that are not, on pretty much every trip through New York Harbor.) These days I think we would hesitate getting so close as to touch the hull, especially if they didn’t see us—they might suddenly realize we were there, and think we were pirates or worse… :-)


  8. http://my2fish.wordpress.com/2012/09/26/starboard/ that’s the best one off my blog that I can think of.


  9. Having seen ’em all, I can now state that my very favourite is the top one of this post. But they’re all super, Vladimir!


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  11. Definitely would not want to get in the way of the big boys!


  12. awesome picture…like always! I really enjoy the photos you come up with for these challenges!


  13. Love this. A triple juxtaposition!


  14. I especially love the first one. Great juxtaposition on juxtaposition!


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  16. Top photo is brilliant and I see I’m not alone in appreciating your skills both as a photographer and a kayacker (if that’s the right word!). Obviously, there is something immediately appealing in the shot and the perspective is striking, but after looking at it carefully I think it’s also the blocks and proportions of complementary colours. Very engaging.


    • Thanks!!

      Yes, you could be right about the purely abstract visual appeal of the photo. That’s not primarily why I chose it, either when I first took it or for this challenge, of course, but I tend to choose what I like, quite apart from the actual subject matter, and the abstract visual appeal has a lot to do with that…


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  19. Wonderful images. It looks like ‘Gullivers Travels’ by sea., and those huge ships are the ‘Brobdingnag’ giants. :)


  20. Fantastic shot !!!!


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  22. Wow! Paddling so close to an ocean liner must be quite overwhelming and thrilling at the same tine, I believe. By the way, thank you for liking my photo. It’s an honor coming from a gifted photographer like you.


  23. Wow. Just Wow. From a whole lot of places…first off, great photos…second…aren’t you SCARED to be in such a small boat so near those huge monster ships?


    • Not really… as long as they are anchored ;-)

      In any case, you can’t really paddle far in New York Harbor without passing close (although perhaps not quite as close as shown in these photos) to ships of all kinds…


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  25. Being a lazy river paddler, I am usually the biggest thing there! I have been closer to these ships in larger boats and felt a bit vulnerable then. Brave coming along side like that . . .:-) Thanks for the interesting post!


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