Easter Sunday Paddle

By Vladimir Brezina

IMGP5070 cropped small

The weather is finally getting warmer, and the days longer. Time for one of our favorite paddles!

In yesterday’s variant of the trip, we paddled up the East River, through Hell Gate, and past Throgs Neck out into Long Island Sound, just in time for lunch at Sugar and Spice on City Island. Then back down the East River to Hell Gate, up the Harlem River, and finally down the Hudson River home.

Here are a few photos…

(click on any photo to start slideshow)

44 responses to “Easter Sunday Paddle

  1. Wow! I’m exhausted just reading and looking at your beautiful photos. Do you two ever just go out for an hour or two? :)


    • Johna sometimes does go our for an hour or two, if other people want to do a short trip or to practice strokes. But generally we don’t—we go for the whole day.

      There’s a significant overhead in time and money, which is the same for a short trip as for a long trip, getting down to the pier where we keep our boats. And then there are the currents—unless you go out around slack, it’s easy to leave, but not so easy to get back until some hours have elapsed.

      So a short trip just doesn’t seem worthwhile. We might as well go for the whole day. Besides, that’s what we do… :-)


  2. What a beautiful day for a paddle. I enjoyed it!


  3. Oh my gosh, I feel soooo incredibly lazy! ;-) How many miles was this journey?? (Enjoyed the trip and got a kick out of the gull boat – both stationary and in flight – marvelous!)


  4. It must have been warmer there than it was here on the Virginia coast. A beautiful day for you on the water, so it appears.


    • Well, supposedly the high temperature was around 60 degrees Fahrenheit—on land. But subtract 10 degrees for being on the water, and for paddling, wet, into the wind for longish stretches… And then, of course, the temperature fell dramatically once the sun set.

      But we were wearing our full winter regalia, so we were all right. When paddling, we’ve learned not to take this “Spring” thing too seriously until at least June…


  5. Wow… it’s simply incredible!
    I have tried kayaking for an hour at max. that too in a lake, but you used to kayak for the whole day ?
    Beautiful images and nice write up.
    Have a nice day :)


  6. Vlad and Johna,

    Lovely paddle! Not much traffic? Perfect tides!

    Thanks again for sharing. You keep me smiling.



    • Easter Sunday? Hardly any traffic at all.

      Thanks, George!


      • Vlad,
        What was the “target” tide at the battery for this paddle? How long did you have in LIS before you turned back toward the city?


        • We try to leave for this trip roughly when the current starts flooding up the East River.

          And on the way back, ideally we want to be at Throgs Neck, for the return trip down the East River, when the current starts ebbing again. (But we can get away with an hour or even two later, especially if we want to go back down the whole of the East River and round the Battery again, rather than up the Harlem and down the Hudson as we did on this trip.)

          That gives us at least three or four hours, sometimes more, to play with out in Long Island Sound.


  7. What a great way to spend Easter Sunday! I always enjoy your posts!


  8. I paddled to Tarrytown and back and after landing at Inwood, saw two kayaks going by in the evening. I bet it was you guys!


  9. Just spent 3 wonderful hours in the everglades with you two (looking forward to the end of the challenge…) and now this. Thanks for sharing these adventures with the engaging text and beautiful photos. M


  10. what a beautiful spring day! enjoyed your beautiful photos and wonderful captions as always. thanks for the ride!!


  11. Brilliant series of photographs. I was thinking all the way of the dramatic scale of everything including the sky. Then I came across the C for Columbia. Thanks for the trip…


    • You are most welcome! Yes, I always wonder whether I should crop the photos more—and I do in some cases—but often I don’t to give just that impression of the sea and sky… :-)

      And yes, the Columbia “C” came in very handy…


  12. Just discovered your blog. From our house on City Island we can see the “gull raft” you photographed – that old float has been there, in pretty-much the same distorted condition, for the past 30 years! Glad you got to enjoy our island, and “Sugar & Spice,” a local favorite. Have a good season!


    • We paddle past City Island often, but we don’t usually land there. It’s only recently (during this trip) that we discovered the little beach on the East side on which we could land, just a couple of blocks from Sugar & Spice :-)

      Thank you!!


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