By Vladimir Brezina

Another item of marine art that can only be enjoyed by passing kayakers…

St. Peterburg, FL

A contribution toward the Photo Challenge, Face.

20 responses to “Face

  1. Johna Till Johnson

    When was this, Vlad?


  2. Fantastic, Vladimir!!!

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  3. Interesting graffiti ! I love herons too. An ace image.

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  4. Well, the heron doesn’t think much of it!

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  6. The startling green androgynous face and the indifferent GBH make this a perfect shot. So glad to be back in the States at my daughter’s house where good WiFi reigns.

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  7. Totally didn’t occur to me that art would just be visible by those kayaking. Curious now to explore this type of street art some more.


  8. …..so it’s not strictly for the birds then?
    Like it actually – and wonder where or on what the artist perched.

    p.s. Just read of man-eating crocodiles in Florida swamps.
    Be careful out there……


    • As this photo shows, the birds don’t always seem to appreciate the efforts made on their behalf…

      This graffito was under a low bridge, and you could scramble down to it from the roadway above at low tide—so not too difficult to make, in this case. (In contrast to others.)

      Yes, if the Nile crocodiles multiply, their presence will escalate the reptile threat significantly, as they are much more aggressive than the ordinary American alligators. Almost as aggressive as the saltwater crocodiles that we saw in Australia last summer… ;-) Fortunately, the Nile crocodiles don’t seem to be breeding in Florida—yet.


  9. Ah the famous Mer-Angel. Why shouldn’t the menfolk have angels, too?

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  10. Adam Jager Photography

    Beautiful Egret! :)


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