By Vladimir Brezina

Sometimes all you can do is laugh—

A folding kayak!

The last moments of one of the entries in last summer’s Cardboard Kayak Race, in which participants had to construct a kayak from cardboard and tape and then paddle it a short distance. This one turned out to be a folding kayak!

A contribution to Ailsa’s photo challenge, Laughter.

53 responses to “Laughter

  1. This is absolutely adorable


  2. The 2015 City of Water Day & the Cardboard Kayak Race will be on July 18th. Register in April with your group to participate in the fun.


  3. Lovely as paper boats!


  4. That looks like a lot of fun!


  5. Sometimes, it’s the best thing to do! :)


  6. Sounds like such great fun!


  7. It did not hurt that the temperature on July 12, 2014 was 85deg and the water was great. We estimated about 1,000 on lookers. But this was only our second year. Each year it multiplies like rabbits.
    To look at the 2014 City of Water Day website:
    To look at just one (of many) YouTube postings:

    I will take the op to tell you all that if you register with one of the Boathouses and paddle/row with them to Governors Island you can camp overnight on the Island. BUT you MUST register.

    Thanks. Louis

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  8. ..and a good time was had by all! He looks like he was having such a good time. Love it!


  9. Not being a swimmer, I’d be crying, but still, funny. 😄


  10. OMG! This must been really fun for both of you! :-D Good one!!


  11. Don have idea how long did the boat last before sinking? But the laughter has made their day….. :-))


  12. Love the concept, love the picture! Mentally drafting my kayak design now…


  13. I canlt believe it floats – very cool -0 and nice joy


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  15. P.S. – I missed the post last summer and just now saw it – fabulous, just fabulous!


  16. This has to be a wonderfully fun event to watch and participate in. Love it and brings a smile to my face.


  17. This looks like so much fun.


  18. must be fun taking pictures of these events :)


  19. Absolutely fantastic photo! Love it all.


  20. What fun! Such a happy young couple. Reminds me of Kate & William.


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