Shadows and Reflections

By Vladimir Brezina

In Winter—

Shadows and reflections in Winter 1
Shadows and reflections in Winter 2

and in the Spring—

Shadows and reflections in Spring

Where are Summer and Fall? Clearly, I have work cut out for me this year!

A second contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge, Shadowed. The first contribution was here.

33 responses to “Shadows and Reflections

  1. I can’t wait for summer and fall to return. Nice shadows :-)


  2. Such a great comparison. Very pretty! Yes, Vlad–you have work to do this year! :)



    Simply beautiful! !


  4. Excellent – I like these!


  5. I liked seeing it in the different seasons! And the shadows were great.



  6. Wonderful shadows, especially in the spring with the beautiful flowers. :)


  7. A lovely collection. I do like photos of reflections. :)


  8. what a great mood in these images. summer shadows are usually very stark. these ones are more delicate. thanks for sharing.


  9. I’m so confused…you’re on pavement! ;-)

    Liked by 1 person

  10. gorgeous shots! love the spring! :)


  11. Beautiful pictures!


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