Farewell Christmas Tree

By Vladimir Brezina
Photos by Daniel Kalman

A couple of days ago, we lit the candles on our Christmas tree for the last time before taking the tree down…

Farewell Christmas tree 1
Farewell Christmas tree 2
Farewell Christmas tree 3

These photos were taken by our friend Dan, who was visiting us for a few days.

30 responses to “Farewell Christmas Tree

  1. I’m impressed that you actually use real candles. Twinkle and/or sparkle, especially in combination with the tinsel!

    The closest thing we had to a tree this year was a cherry tomato plant – it came pre-decorated with all green balls that will eventually turn red!


  2. Very pretty, I like the candles! The kiss is cute too!


  3. Beautiful, but you are braver than I am–I love the warmth and twinkle of lights, but wouldn’t dare use open flames on our tree. We are leaving ours up until the end of January so our son can Christmas when he comes home from Turkey for winter break. It is always hard to see it go!

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    • How fun that he’s coming home! I can’t wait to read (and see) all about it on your blog. That’s great you’re leaving the tree up for him to enjoy.


    • Johna Till Johnson

      You must be thrilled! And how nice to have something to look forward to in the post-Christmas doldrums.


      • Hi Johna, I’ve had plenty to keep me busy–news storytelling shows to work on and some good days in the garden. Here in Seattle it feels like spring is here, but I’m still counting the days until my son comes home, and when he does we will find ourselves up to our ears in Christmas again! BTW, I love your wonderful blog!

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  4. I’m glad Dan took pictures of you two – especially the kiss! It was fun to see the tree, although I agree with Naomi that I probably wouldn’t use real candles either. Beautiful, but too risky for me.



    • Johna Till Johnson

      Yes, he says there aren’t enough pictures of both of us. Plus, he has a spiffy camera that can capture the whole tree.

      Re: real candles. It’s actually quite safe the way we do it, which is:
      –have a fire extinguisher at hand
      –have a bucket of water as backup
      –place candles carefully (none where they can’t be seen)
      –watch the tree like a hawk, looking for candles to get short enough to burn the branches

      Not something you just set up and leave, in other words. For that we have ordinary electric lights…


  5. Lovely – and I’m always a little sad when taking down the decorations.


  6. Pure magic! ❤️😀


  7. the photos say a lot about you… a little chance taking…love…and magic…I think that is wonderful!


  8. Lovely – a beautiful, warm scene.


  9. Ours is still up as we are finallu having our Christmas this Saturday! Lovely and charming scene. But I do have to ask, did Dan also do the background peeling effect around the window to make it look like the walls were a bit too warm from the candles? ;-)


  10. Love the tree. 🎄 Love the love. ❤️
    Makes for a happy new year. 😊

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  11. vastlycurious.com

    You are brave! That we all know. I really liked the last photo.


  12. Gorgeous tree. Happy New Year!


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