By Vladimir Brezina

Oops! 1I know this is a new, original design, but isn’t the kayak supposed to stay on top of the water?

(But they do get points for well- synchronized paddles.)

Oops! 2(2015 Cardboard Kayak Race. Full story here.)

A contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge, Oops!

40 responses to “Oops!

  1. graydaysandcoffee

    I still send people to the link for this race. I’d love to do something like this around our town. so funny!!


  2. So good!!! And still smiling!!! :)


  3. Whatever happens, don’t stop paddling! Love it, Vlad.


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  5. Haha how in the world did that happen? So curious to know what happened next? I would be scared experiencing it, but every one in the photo seems to be having fun even under the water ;)


  6. Seriously? Was this a set-up shot? Whatever it was, it’s a great photograph. You guys do such great work with the water. I’m envious. :)


    • Not set up at all. But I was not myself on the water, for once—I was on a pier to one side and slightly above the stretch of water where all this was taking place. And I just photographed what I saw… :-)

      Thanks so much, Cris!


  7. LOL. They are sinking so calmly.


  8. At least they are all smiling!


  9. What a perfect shot for this week’s challenge… The epitome of “oops!”


  10. Thank you for the laugh. Reminds me of my husband’s first kayaking experience. he was submerged before he began and stayed that way .


  11. Sweet as a Picture

    All very fun-sounding and fun to participate and watch. But I have a question. :-) So… umm… I thought the water was polluted or something… My greatest fear would be to get wet in those waters. Anywho… fun to read about it. Enjoyed previous post, too.


  12. My kayak coach has always said, don’t stop paddling until you can’t breath (and even then!)


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