By Vladimir Brezina

Rigging the boatKayaking in open waters far from land, there’s not much to photograph except endless waves—and yourself!

These are photos from a kayak-sailing trip, with the camera mounted at the top of the mast.
Calm waters
Speeding along
Waves washing over the boat

A contribution to Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge, Self.

20 responses to “Self

  1. Looks like a bit of a rough ride there :)


  2. How can you control the sail behind you? Is this a balough sail?


    • Yes, it’s a Balogh Batwing sail:

      Mounting the sail aft of the cockpit was a conscious choice, primarily to allow unobstructed paddling while sailing in light winds (or no wind at all). For Mark Balogh’s discussion of the pros and cons of mounting the sail aft rather than forward see the earlier full post.


  3. A definite different take, or should I say, “view”. I like it. It gives one a better idea of what you are seeing and how rough the waters really are.


  4. I seriously need to learn how to swim.. I cannot enjoy such water sports :(


  5. What a great camera perspective!


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  7. Great angle on these photos! And they are much more interesting than most “self” photos!


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