Eye Spy

By Vladimir Brezina

Eye Spy

A contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge, Eye Spy.

39 responses to “Eye Spy

  1. Wow, such great take on this! Hats off!


  2. Vlad, that is spec-TA-cu-lar!


  3. I guess you’d call that minimalistic. If not, it should be, and very well done. Good job, as usual.


  4. Great shot. What’s the bird?


  5. Wow, double wow. What bird is that? did you add the red circle ? what an image you captured. Bravo!


    • It’s probably a ring-billed gull: see comment above.

      Yes, the red circle looks suspicious, but I certainly did not add it! Many gulls (and other birds) have rings around their eyes, which definitely make the predators among them, such as this one, more scary-looking… :-)


  6. Sweet as a Picture

    Umm… Is that a bird covered in snow? How did you come about this photo? It’s spectacular.


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  9. That’s so stunning!


  10. Wonder is that the gull who stole my daughter’s ice cream in Cornwall – or the one who took my chips in Whitby? Didn’t give me time to note his eye!


  11. Very cool shot. It was arresting.


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