… And Once More to Sandy Hook

By Vladimir Brezina

Last weekend, the currents in New York Harbor dictated a southbound kayak trip. So we paddled, once more, down to Sandy Hook. Here is a slideshow of the highlights.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was the weekend of the Supermoon. And the currents were strange. The flood on the way back to Manhattan was much stronger than usual, but the ebb on the way to Sandy Hook was paradoxically much weaker…

For Johna’s feelings toward the Staten Island Ferry, see her last post.

The individual photos are here.

15 responses to “… And Once More to Sandy Hook

  1. Wow. Looked like nature threw you a lot of work en route to Sandy Hook. Thanks for the slide show — brought back a lot of great childhood memories of the beach at Sandy Hook.


    • It’s all swings and roundabouts… (Wait, that may not be quite the right image for kayaking :-)) On the one hand, we didn’t have the super-strong ebb current down to Sandy Hook that we were hoping the Supermoon would provide. On the other hand, we did have much better flood current on the way back and in fact got back earlier than we were expecting…

      There were indeed many interesting things to see on the beach at Sandy Hook that I didn’t include in this slideshow—I am saving them for another post!


  2. Was there no weekly challenge this week?


  3. Looks like a beautiful day out :)


  4. thanks for the trip, i really enjoyed it vicariously, MJ


  5. As always, I love being able to tag along with the two of you on your adventures! Thank you for sharing.


  6. Great photos . How many hours did your voyage take to reach Sandy hook with ebb current ? Ever think of adding some videos perhaps using a GoPro type camera ? I’ve learned quite a bit about kayaking around Our great city from reading your trip reports , now I’m waiting for the tutorial series : ) .


    • Hi, Steve,

      It usually takes us three hours, give or take, to get down to Sandy Hook, and four hours to get back—but it can take much longer if you go the obvious, but wrong, way ;-) I will post a “tutorial” on getting down to Sandy Hook, and back, soon…

      I do have a GoPro camera, but haven’t used it much, certainly not for trips such as this. Basically, these trips involve loooong stretches of fairly flat water, which wouldn’t be very exciting in a short video clip. What you need with the video camera is an exciting tide rip or two! And actually, there are a couple on the Sandy Hook trip, which can occasionally get quite exciting. So I might have a go….

      Most definitely, “tutorial”-type posts are in the pipeline. I already posted a couple, on planning tide-assisted trips in New York Harbor and on paddling through Hell Gate against the current. Next is the Sandy Hook tutorial, and then perhaps one about circumnavigating Staten Island. What other ones would you like to see? Suggestions are very welcome!


  7. Great photos here! Wow!


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