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Travel Theme: Summer

By Vladimir Brezina

Update, May 25, 2012: A week later, it turns out that the theme of the official Photo Challenge is also Summer. Ailsa and Sara should really coordinate a bit better! On the other hand, I have my entry all ready:


Ailsa of Where’s my backpack?, who stepped into the breach and organized last week’s wildly successful Alternative Photo Challenge on the theme of “Reflections”—and then found the time to look at the hundreds of photos and answer the hundreds of comments that flooded in—wants to do it again!

This time she’s proposed a theme that combines her love of travel and that of the summer now upon us, at least those of us in the northern hemisphere…

As soon as I saw her double theme, I knew I had just the photos for her! I offer you… the English summer holiday at the seaside!

Lonely as a cloud

The traditional pony ride

Wetsuits of August

Please, let’s have no indignant defenses of the English summer. I know what I am talking about!

(Or, if you must, do first review the categories that this post is listed under…)

More photos are here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Hands.

It’s all about the hands!  (Well, and a few other body parts…) Here’s Joe the Guide (guess which one he is) showing a bunch of newbies the proper forward stroke.

It’s amazing how expressive the hands are, and how much we are drawn to look to them for clues—especially after we’ve cut off the heads!

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