Sea Kayaking Adventures in New England: A Few Photos to Start With

By Vladimir Brezina and Johna Till Johnson

After returning from a week’s eventful paddling in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, Vlad is sorting through hundreds of photos and Johna is turning over the stories in her head. It will take some little while for the report to come together, but it will feature:

Long open-water crossings!

Exciting surf landings!

Unexpected encounters with low tides…

Paddling and swimming in crystal-clear waters off white sandy beaches…

Liquid-silver afternoons…

Colorful sunsets…

Exploration of new lands!

Seals galore!


And finally, a famous kayak race!

Stay tuned!!

Update (August 10, 2011):  All photos from this trip are now available here.
Update (May 22, 2012): Writeups of four of the individual paddling days are now here, here, here, and here.

Comments are most welcome!

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