What a Difference Just a Few Miles Make…

By Vladimir Brezina

Same paddle, same day, morning—

IMGP0407 cropped small
IMGP0432 cropped small
IMGP0520 cropped small

and evening—

IMGP0745 cropped small
IMGP0811 cropped small
IMGP0827 cropped small

More photos coming as soon as I can process them…

48 responses to “What a Difference Just a Few Miles Make…

  1. Ron Scubadiver

    Looks wonderful.

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  2. Loving these images…

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  3. From nature to city, beautiful shots!

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  4. Magical photos Vlad. Looks like another great day on the water. :)

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  5. Good Evening: Those top two photos look great. Vonn Scott Bair


  6. wow…what a deal :)


  7. Beautiful images… every time you get a whole different perspective of the city scape. Not many could challenge you here :)

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  8. Always refreshing and serene.

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    • The “country” really was serene. The “city” appears serene in the manner of early photographers, someone like Atget, whose exposures were so long that city streets appear empty… There was a lot of boat traffic on that water!


  9. First three shots capture nature in all her splendor.

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  10. life on the move – in a very beautiful way.. the experience comes to us from within the images. Thank you.

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  11. George Fatula

    Looks like the only two boats in the area are yours!


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  12. Sweet as a Picture

    Looks like a beautiful, peaceful day.


  13. Johna Till Johnson

    This makes me wish I’d gotten up 15 minutes earlier so I could have seen the sun rise… but it still looked pretty good from inside the tent, with a warm cup of coffee in hand!


  14. Sensational photos. As you said, everything is constantly changing. It’s always different, and always beautiful in its own way.
    At least when yours is the eye behind the camera lens.


  15. Extremely lovely ‘sandphotos’
    All the best to you two :-)


  16. gorgeous pictures. love the first two! :)


  17. Great share. I love the contrasting images. :)


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