Once More Round Manhattan

By Vladimir Brezina

When the tide or the weather doesn’t cooperate or we simply can’t think of any other trip we’d rather do, we default to paddling round Manhattan. It’s our version of the run round the park. Yet no matter how many times we repeat it, each time we see something new. Manhattan and its waterways look different on a cold, dark day in January and on a mild gray day in March. And they look different again on a beautiful, bright blue sunny day at the end of April: here is a slideshow from yesterday’s Manhattan circumnavigation.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

18 responses to “Once More Round Manhattan

  1. Lovely trip…and doesn’t the Seaport look so much better from the water.


  2. Thanks for taking me on that trip!


  3. Thanks for sharing such a lovely day on the water; I always love these journeys that you share!


  4. Really interesting. How lucky to have kayaking around Manhattan as your default! Great shots.


  5. I should mention that Liverpool, UK, where I live is twinned with New York.


    • Good to know! New York City seems to be twinned with a number of cities, although there doesn’t seem to be a comprehensive list anywhere… Are there any consequences to being twinned with New York that you can see in Liverpool?


  6. Gorgeous images Vladimir!


  7. wonderful Vladimir! A different perspective to travel…. A view from Kayak! WOW! Loved it..

    I have just started blogging photo-essays. Kindly visit in leisure..

    Thanks and regards,


  8. You always put a smile on my face with images of NYC, Brooklyn, Manhattan; great memories come back to me. I love NY, especially in the evenings…LOL


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