Weekly Photo Challenge: Home, Take Two

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Home. We’ve already posted one response, but here’s another.

Our home away from home—

IMGP2138 cropped small—on a beach at Lloyds Neck, Long Island, NY

IMGP2148 cropped small

—on the banks of the Hudson River at Stockport Middle Ground


IMGP0645 cropped small—on Magdalen Island, near Saugerties, NY

IMGP0669IMGP0667 cropped small

IMGP2543 cropped small—on the Hudson River at Denning Point, Beacon, NY

IMGP2547 cropped small

—in Nickerson State Park, Cape Cod, MA

IMGP1489 cropped small

IMGP4656 cropped small—at Jones Inlet, South Shore of Long Island, NY

IMGP6934 cropped smallIMGP7000 cropped small

—on Fire Island, NY

IMGP5017 cropped small

IMGP5854 cropped small—at Montauk Point, NY

IMGP5839 cropped small

IMGP6691 cropped small—in Sunken Meadow State Park, on the North Shore of Long Island, NY

IMGP6679 cropped small

And now, our home away from home awaits in its bag, ready for this year’s adventures!

32 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home, Take Two

  1. Yep! I to choose my Hilleberg tent any day for sleep and adventures :-)


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  3. LOVE it! What a great home that is/those are! I like the variety here – from fun shots of Joanna pulling meals out of the stuff sack to the artful sunsets-with-tent.


    • Just one and the same tent throughout :-) But it’s leaking and, sadly, may need to be replaced soon…

      These are all sunrises, actually. Somehow we developed the knack of always getting to our campsite just at sunset, and by the time we put up the tent, it was too dark for photos… So only in the morning could we really look around to see where, exactly, we had camped ;-)


  4. they are all great and warm the heart! i’m so glad to know the two of you via wordpress! z


  5. Amazing – looks great your “home” (part two)… :-) ;-)


  6. Yep, that is the home I imagined you to have!


  7. I never think to take shots of our tent…good ones!


  8. Love this post and that you have a home you carry with you to such beautiful places. Funny, too, because we have the same tent!


    • You do? :-) We’ve had this one for years and years—must be more than a decade. Sadly, it may need to be replaced soon…


      • Yes! We’ve had ours for about as long, and one of the tent poles has lost its end so it requires a bit of improvisation to attach it. Ours is near replacement as well. Last trip was to lake Faucherie in the Sierras, north of Lake Tahoe. Canoed to a tiny island (no bears!) and spent the night. So much fun! Hmmm, sounds like a nice blog post about HOME. :)


  9. Your home away from home gets in a lot of mileage! The selection of photos was really good too – I enjoyed seeing your home away from home.



  10. You “own” many fine properties, at bargain rates!
    Interesting post, especially for the less adventurous of us.


  11. A tent makes a great home. Looking forward to summer and camping


  12. I loved your trip! Thanks for sharing :)


  13. Lovely! Your togetherness ensures you will always be home.
    All the best wished you both always.


  14. nice pictures and post…motivated me! Shows the bonding and togetherness…following your blog for such future posts…:)

    Travel Photographer@http://www.cosmictravelhub.com/


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