Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Fresh.

Kayaking, we soon become familiar with a distinct hierarchy of freshness. In descending order, there is—

Fresh off the tree!

(story is here)

Fresh and cold from the store!

IMGP1868 cropped small(more photos are here)

Fruit that stays surprisingly fresh on a long trip…

IMGP2862 cropped small(more photos are here)

and something that was fresh once in the depths of the dry bag.

IMGP7000 cropped small(story is here)

34 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

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  2. Haha! Something that was once fresh from the depths of the dry bag. That reminds me of a time we were caving and I crawled through a tight crevice with a banana in my backpack.


  3. Beautiful smile for the Fresh off the tree!


  4. Love all the “fresh” stuff. One more, however: A refreshing smile (in the first photo). :-)


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  6. the descriptions and the variety of pics are great = thankx for sharing!


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  8. The fresh fruit looks delicious.


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  10. Those were great! What does Johna have around her waist as she’s eating the ice cream bar? Is that a coat or some type of a life preserver?


    • Johna Till Johnson

      That’s my spray skirt. When I’m in the kayak, it attaches to the boat.

      This is the reason everybody’s so afraid of kayaking (like I used to be): you don’t want to be “trapped” in the boat. But the spray skirt actually snaps off the boat very easily (but stays attached to you until you’re ready to detach it).

      I didn’t bother to take it off when buying the ice cream because I knew I’d be getting right back into the boat….


  11. So healthy – we usually stop, bleary-eyed, for coffee somewhere ;-)


  12. It’s early in the morning here but i feel so refreshed by having a look at the photos ;) ! Really beautiful :) ! Have a nice week – end


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  14. the orange holding at the table looks like a still from a movie.


    • Johna Till Johnson

      :-) Thanks! Vlad calls it the “fruit-seller” photo… like a movie from Eastern Europe in the ’50s (but did they have color film back then?!?)


  15. My favorite of these nifty portraits:
    Johna, with Mulberry!


  16. Truly wish I were there!


  17. Love Johna’s smile in that first shot, and it is nice to eat fresh off a tree like that in the wilds. :)


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  19. The fruits in the picture still look fresh indeed. Thank you for dropping by my blog.



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