Travel Theme: Symbol

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Symbol.

Our travel on the water, no less than on land, is governed by symbols…

DSC_0753 cropped smallIMGP7114 cropped smallIMGP5170 cropped smallIMGP2372 cropped smallIMGP3514 cropped smallIMGP0986 cropped smallIMGP0198 croppedDry Salvages, MA, July 2013IMGP5331 cropped smallIMGP4686 cropped small

45 responses to “Travel Theme: Symbol

  1. Top photo – Hudson River Islands, October 2013 – superb composition which really pulls you into the scene and what a tranquil scene it looks. I would love to be there!


  2. Lovely photos, as always. Glad you see the beauty in some of these more “basic” things.


  3. The symbols that guide us to a safe harbor, much like Nelson Mandela. Great choice.


  4. the birds with IB green sign…how neat is that…they literally took it over for their home place…what are they called???


  5. The colors are magnificent, so lively! Good post.


  6. I especially like the one that says 1B


  7. This post is fantastic! The birds really are the exclamation mark on your brilliant shots, even leaving their ‘markings’ on the DJ buoy. :)


  8. I love the third photo the colour and compostion :). Symbols in the water are very important!


  9. I am in love with your first photo. Beautiful color, shapes, composition… it all comes together for me. What great fun to see the birds taking advantage of the signs to make homes. Wonderful examples of symbols.


  10. So many, so varied yet all doing the same thing, warning, instruction. A unique post


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  12. Sweet as a Picture

    I especially love that the birds have found a place for themselves. :-)


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  14. A lovely collection of guiding symbols Vlad….I love the ones with the watery wiggly reflections :-)


  15. Given the color of your boats, it’s not surprising — but I was struck by how Christmas-y these “symbols” are, so much red and green!
    But possibly stop and go? No, Christmas, I think.


  16. Excellent take on theme, something most of us might not think of.


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