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Travel Theme: Round

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Round.

Round or square—which do you think will last longer through the coming storms?

IMGP0198 cropped

Execution Rocks Light, Long Island Sound

IMGP5331 cropped small

Thacher Island Twin Lights, Cape Ann, Massachusetts

IMGP0116 cropped small

Romer Shoal Light, New York Harbor

There’s a reason why most lighthouses are round.

On the other hand, Old Orchard Shoal Light, a round lighthouse similar to Romer Shoal Light and just a few miles away from it in New York Harbor, was swept away by Hurricane Sandy.

And the square keeper’s house of Execution Rocks Light, which survived Sandy just fine, is being converted to a Bed & Breakfast, which will probably ensure it a long life…

Travel Theme: Symbol

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Symbol.

Our travel on the water, no less than on land, is governed by symbols…

DSC_0753 cropped smallIMGP7114 cropped smallIMGP5170 cropped smallIMGP2372 cropped smallIMGP3514 cropped smallIMGP0986 cropped smallIMGP0198 croppedDry Salvages, MA, July 2013IMGP5331 cropped smallIMGP4686 cropped small

Name That Lighthouse!

By Vladimir Brezina

I love lighthouses!  There are quite a few in New York Harbor and the surrounding waterways.  And over the years that I’ve spent kayaking in the area, I’ve collected photos of many of them.  See if you can identify the lighthouses in the following photos!  All are within the borders of New York City or just beyond.

Correct answers will receive contributions toward the purchase of your very own lighthouse!  Many lighthouses around the country are now available from the government at very reasonable terms.  In New York Harbor itself, West Bank Light and Old Orchard Shoal Light are unfortunately already gone, sold for $195,000 and $95,000 respectively—it will be interesting to see what the purchasers do with them. But Romer Shoal Light and Great Beds Light may still be available

Update (August 12, 2011): Answers provided.

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