Look Up

By Vladimir Brezina

Look up, and there they are!

Look Up 1

Of course, they also come at you at sea level…

Look Up 2

… and sometimes seem to think that the water is all theirs

Look Up 3

A contribution to a recent Photo Challenge, Look Up.

13 responses to “Look Up

  1. Johna Till Johnson

    And if we’d looked up tonight… our eyeballs would have been seared! Lightning storm directly overhead!!


    • Oh Gosh!, Johna. Your comment comes at a time when a visit to an eye hospital on Tuesday diminished my sight somewhat.
      An over-enthusiastic doctor ‘lasared’ one eye and when questioned said afterwards “….to focus…”. I’m almost 78!!


  2. Diana Szatkowski

    Oh, I so like the first pic. It is dreamy. A belated thanks for doing the trip planning workshop with HarborLAB recently. I learned a lot. I have followed your blog for years and we have exchanged some mail about folding kayaks. Sure was nice to hear you you speak and share your experience. All the best, Diana Szatkowski

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  3. awesomE! ..of da’ wingtip is another an another an another how so very Kewl :)

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  4. loved
    looking up with u – and whew – third photo was a close call!

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  5. Just beautiful. You have such a good eye for a photo opportunity.


  6. Oh no! Are they heading south already?!


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