Manhattan Circumnavigation at the Edge of Fall

 By Vladimir Brezina

Midtown Manhattan

Under the Brooklyn BridgeOn Sunday, the weather broke. After weeks of hot humid weather, there was suddenly a chill in the air. Morning mist shrouded the higher towers of Manhattan, and later when the sun broke through, the air remained crisp and cool. Here and there, leaves were already turning. Fall had unmistakably arrived.

Perfect weather for a Manhattan circumnavigation!

A look back at downtown Manhattan

Here are some photos:

(Click on any photo for slideshow)

More photos are here.

17 responses to “Manhattan Circumnavigation at the Edge of Fall

  1. Jeanne and I have circumnavigated Manhattan a number of times, both commercially and with our boat, based at one time both in Havistraw, and Barnegat Bay. But it’s been a few years since tha last, and the changes are plentiful! Beautiful pictures, thanks for the ride. M :-)


  2. Some great pics here. Thanks for the visual feast…


  3. What an assortment of excellent photos! I especially like the angles of the bridges.


  4. Always interesting photos ! My Pals also did their annual circ Sunday , I had to work :( . They launched at the quarters of FDNY Marine 1 ( 343 ) which I seen in one of your pics on your way home . They were scheduled to be on water by 7am . What time did you two launch ?


    • We left just after 8 AM. As it turned out, that was still too early for the time of slack in Hell Gate, so we loitered there quite a bit… We did see a group of kayakers heading up the Harlem River, who might have been your friends.


  5. Nice bridges !!!.Like an alien landscape…well to me anyway


  6. enjoyed your awesome pictures! thanks for sharing :)


  7. Vlad,
    It is tempting to come down for another “rounding” this fall. Your encouragement and beautiful photos are nagging reminders of one of the most memorable paddles Jeanie and I have enjoyed in recent years. Keep the “pressure” on. Thanks!



  8. Hurray!!!! Awesome!! See you soon, xo… Jean & Alex


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