A Jaunt Up the Hudson

By Vladimir Brezina

Midtown ManhattanThe Binghamton

A routine paddle from Lower Manhattan up the Hudson—up the West Side of Manhattan, under the George Washington Bridge and along the Palisades—and back, about 30 miles. Nothing special.

But I do have a few photos…

(Click on any photo to start slideshow)

22 responses to “A Jaunt Up the Hudson

  1. Love the photos!


  2. nice workout!
    that shipwreck
    seems like
    prime NY real estate :-)


    • Well, it’s in New Jersey rather than in NY… ;-)

      While it floated, the Binghamton was at one time a prime piece of real estate—a restaurant—but events overtook it, and now it’s far too late for it to recover, as the photos show. I believe there is pressure for the owners to remove the wreck, and then the location will revert to just an unprime piece of muddy water…


  3. Yes, we remember dinner on the Binghamton. It’ changed a bit! M :-)


  4. I love/loved that place every time I would paddle past it…I remember when it was a restaurant.


  5. Bummer about the Binghamton. Every time I see it it looks a little worse for wear. I wish someone would fix it up. Maybe it could be towed to La Marina :)


  6. Wow, 30 miles! That’s a lot of paddling. Great views, though. :-)


  7. lovely photographs as always! thanks for the ride! :)


  8. Thanks for taking us along!


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