Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Infinite.

On some days, we float in unbounded space…

IMGP2173 cropped smallIMGP2175 cropped smallIMGP2182 cropped small IMGP2186 cropped smallIMGP2213 cropped smallIMGP2195 cropped smallimgp2227-cropped-small-2.jpgIMGP2221 cropped smallIMGP2230%2520cropped%2520smallIMGP2245 cropped small

51 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

  1. You got a definite sense of the infinite.



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  3. Love the shots where the point at which water and sky meet are indiscernible. Great contributions!


  4. Beautiful dreamy, moody captures. I like your interpretation of the theme very much.


  5. Looks like you’re paddling through the sky.


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  7. Great point in showing these beautiful pictures of the sea.
    All the best,


  8. Really at Infinity.. :)


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  10. What a beautiful photo. I love the words you have used to describe the experience.


  11. Awesome, breathtaking, and beautiful! Love them all.


  12. wow… awesome!


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  14. Amazing peacefulness in those pictures. Is it in the early morning? I like the sixth very much. A beautiful contribution.


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  16. Your posts always make me want to take a deep breath and slowly exhale.


  17. Infinity and beyond! Absolutely beautiful, Vlad, like being in a dreamworld or slipping into a Magritte painting.


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  21. love, love , love the concept…. it’s like floating on top of eternity! beautiful.


  22. you certainly capture the infinity associated with space here. it is space . . . just not outer space. great pics!


  23. Beautiful interpretation of Infinite. Thanks for the Like on my blog.


  24. It’s amazing… Really beatifull and infinity…


  25. I love these photos, they are so serene and otherworldly.


  26. Love the ripples on the second to last one. My favorite of the set :)


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