A Word A Week Photo Challenge — Cloud, Take Two

By Vladimir Brezina

On A Word In Your Ear , Skinnywench’s photo challenge this week is Cloud.

As I said in my first response to the challenge, I particularly remember two recent days on which a dramatic, constantly changing cloudscape absolutely dominated the scene. The first response showed the first day. Here is the second.

On Day 5 of our Long Island kayak circumnavigation last summer, we were approaching the eastern tip of Long Island when the clouds began to get interesting. The spectacular thunderstorm hit just as were rounding Montauk Point, the easternmost, most exposed point of our journey—

IMGP5637 cropped smallIMGP5667 cropped smallIMGP5681 cropped smallIMGP5700 cropped smallIMGP5717 cropped smallIMGP5730 cropped smallIMGP5763 cropped smallIMGP5777 cropped smallIMGP5787 cropped smallIMGP5788 cropped smallIMGP5793 cropped smallIMGP5794 cropped smallIMGP5805 cropped small

The full story of that day is here.

31 responses to “A Word A Week Photo Challenge — Cloud, Take Two

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  2. Spectacular – the last few remind me of N.C. Wyeth and Maxfield Parrish…


  3. These clouds are stunning! I especially like shots four and seven, the color filtering through the grey skies is fantastic.


  4. yummie clouds Vlad!


  5. in these moments, sitting in kayak with view like you had I’m laughing as people thinks “good that I stayed home, this stupid went paddling and he’s probably totally wet and cold” which is so far from the relaxing truth :)


  6. Fabulous pictures!


  7. Wonderful shots. :)


  8. Beautiful :) how incredible is it to watch the sky change over the day :)


  9. Fantastic views of glorious skies here – the Montauk pictures are good enough to eat!! A friend sent this and I think you guys will really enjoy it – a 1937 clip of the Manhattan waterfront!


  10. dramatic, stunning, visual, – lovely shots thank you sor sharing them Vladimir


  11. love the 2nd shot, the one with the lighthouse..


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  13. burnettfreelanceimagery

    Beautiful images! Thanks for stopping by and liking my post A Study in Form XII !


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