Daily Archives: January 3, 2013

Three More Paddling Photo Winners

By Vladimir Brezina

The popular paddling site Paddling.net runs a Photo of the Week contest. Over the past couple of years, I’ve submitted a few of my photos. The first three photos that were successful were here. Now here are three more winners.


Sailing my kayak with Balogh Batwing sail and BOSS outriggers on Long Island Sound. Sail is double-reefed in a 25-kt wind. Photo was taken by camera mounted at the top of the mast.

IMGP2411 cropped small

Paddling down the Hudson River (NY) along the West Side of Manhattan at sunset

IMGP6636 cropped small

Landed at sunset on the North Shore of Long Island, NY, during a kayak circumnavigation of Long Island in the summer of 2012

(see here, here, and here on the Paddling.net site)