Travel Theme: Edge

By Vladimir Brezina

When traveling by kayak, putting the boat on edge is an essential skill…

Gowanus Canal, New York City
Charlotte Harbor, Florida
Hudson River, New York City

A contribution to Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge, Edge. Another contribution is here.

30 responses to “Travel Theme: Edge

  1. Phoenix Tears Healed

    that looks like a very skillful move, to tilt and retain balance and the same time :)


    • Johna Till Johnson

      It’s one of the fundamental skills they teach kayakers. Technically, what I’m doing in the first and third pictures is an edge–what you said, tilting and retaining balance. In the middle picture, though, I’m doing a brace–which means I’m actually leaning out over the water, rather than staying upright. Probably TMI… thanks for reading, and posting!

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  2. Great take on the theme!


  3. You know this is new to me but besides turning sharp (I’m guessing?), when is this essential?


  4. Sweet as a Picture

    “Wow!” to those skillful moves on the water!


  5. Fun series of photos and a good take on the theme! Agreed, a necessary skill that adds a lot of fun to tossing water.


    • Johna Till Johnson

      One of the three fundamentals: Forward, sweep and edge. If you can do those three things well, in the right context, you can do pretty much anything (draw strokes come in handy, too, I must say!). Thanks for reading, and commenting!


  6. lol i put wing on edge u put kayak on edge,,, as long as we don’t go over that edge thats there were ok :) yep yep :) hey get outa day way there! …lol.. kewl pic..


    • Johna Till Johnson

      You’re quite right… it’s all about not going over the edge… unless, of course, you want to roll :-). thanks for reading and posting!


  7. Oh, I’ve been on the edge many times. It seems more of a kayaker’s skill to not keep going past the edge! :-)
    Thanks for the wonderful photos and blog.


  8. Great take on the theme! Beautiful shots! The second photo is picture perfect! :)


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  10. You mean you want it to do that? Looks like on the EDGE of tipping over and out!
    (You can tell this is the comment of someone who has never actually been in a kayak.)


  11. Good Morning: The middle shot is an excellent composition. The flash of red amongst the greens and blues is just what the picture needs, and at just the right place. Did you crop the picture or perform any other edits? Vonn Scott Bair


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