Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is An Unusual POV.

IMGP6934 cropped smallEach morning of a multi-day kayak camping trip, this unusual point of view becomes more and more usual. We laze in our sleeping bags for just a few more precious moments, idly studying the airy patterns of the tent above that begin to glow as the sun climbs higher in the sky—

IMGP6955 cropped smallIMGP6960 cropped smallIMGP6962 cropped smallIMGP6964 cropped small

IMGP6967 cropped smallSigh… now it really is time to get up, or we won’t get far today…




(This was actually only Day 2 of our 2012 Long Island kayak circumnavigation :-))

63 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

  1. vastlycurious.com

    Beautiful perspective Vlad!


  2. The beauty of geometry. :-)



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  6. As I viewed your photos for this post, I got a feeling of airiness…as if I was floating around the sky in a box kite. :)
    I’ve gone camping many times and always loved to see the morning sunlight shining through the fabric of the tent. Your photos brought back those good memories. Thanks for sharing!


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  8. Okay that works really well. I am feeling particularly uninspired re: the challenge and this didn’t help. :)


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  12. I had a little sailboat. I used to lie on the bench and look up at the sails. I always loved the view. Thanks for the pictures … and the memories.


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  16. I love the perspectives you show from inside the tent….you almost make me think of trying camping; well, maybe I’ll just enjoy your photos instead :)


  17. Great photos and what a great way to wake up and be greeted by that beautiful view! :)


  18. I love these pics! They almost look like the sails of a boat at first glance! X


  19. Spent a lot of time camping as a kid…your pictures and descriptions brought back a flood of memories. Thanks!


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  21. Beautiful light!


  22. Très belles photos qui donnent envie de naviguer.. et de s’essayer au camping dans une de ces merveilleuses bulles, si sensibles au vent du ciel


    • Thanks so much for your comment!!

      Do try it! Of course, it helps if your first experience is on a soft, warm, dry night in the summer… otherwise you might find that a tent can be a little too sensitive to the wind of heaven ;-)


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  25. The lines and edges cross and cut the view cubistically


  26. Love the view from the inside of the tent! I feel like I was there. It makes me want to get in one more camping trip before the crisp fall air really sets in. Love your photos!


  27. Perfect! I’ve not seen the inside of a tent for years!


  28. Please don’t be insulted when I say that your photographs brought back the 30 year old memory of sunlight shining through freshly laundered sheets on my clothesline. The collected fresh smells of rural Oregon clinging to those bed sheets lulled me to sleep on many a night.


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  30. All arcs and curves, the tent is small but voluptuous —


  31. The geometry of tents is amazing. Thanks for the perspective.


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