State of Mind

By Vladimir Brezina

Before the big paddle into the unknown: first tension—


then fear—

Fear(OK, she’s acting out for the camera, a bit)

and then pure happiness on the last day…


Yes, long-distance paddling is all about the State of Mind!

This was the 2014 WaterTribe Everglades Challenge. Not coincidentally, the 2016 Challenge starts in a couple of days…

A contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge, State of Mind.

12 responses to “State of Mind

  1. Tension, aptly titled and captured. :)


  2. Lovely take on the challenge! :-)


  3. Good luck with this years paddle💕😊


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  5. Determination; trepidation; jubilation!


  6. A little longing, too? I am still dreaming about doing it with Jeanie in our covered Sawyer. Thanks for the reminder.


    • Definitely, longing too! We are not doing the Everglades Challenge this year as we plan to do the Blackbeard Challenge in North Carolina in October. But there is a distinct possibility that the Blackbeard Challenge will be canceled if not enough people sign up, in which case we’ll do the Everglades Challenge again in 2017. As you and Jeanie should! :-)

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