Travel Theme: Connections

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Connections.

And to travel by folding kayak, you do have to make a lot of connections…

DSC_0012 cropped smallDSC_0036 cropped small

… and maintain them in good working order!

IMGP6996 cropped small

For more, see here.

27 responses to “Travel Theme: Connections

  1. Love seeing the folding kayak here and last June – an amazing feat of engineering!


    • The Feathercrafts, in particular, are actually a little bit too finely engineered—the tolerances in the connections between the aluminum tubes are a bit too fine, and the tubes can seize up if you don’t wash and lubricate them pretty often…

      Thanks, Lynn!


  2. A very clever boat!!!



  3. Crikey, that’s very clever. Like success in life, everything relies on good connections.


  4. Very clever indeed. I didn’t realise quite how small it folded down to :-)


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  6. I am still amazed by the folding kayak. I am even more amazed at how much you utilize it-which means, it must not be too much of a bother to put together.


    • It’s not a huge bother, especially once you have some practice. But with the bigger Feathercraft boats, such as the Heron, that have many parts, it’s going to take half an hour or more. That is a significant overhead for day trips. So it’s always nice to know that a trip is going to take a week and the boat can stay assembled the whole time… :-)


  7. Don’t miss one connection…


  8. I would NOT be good at that.


  9. Oh wow, I’m very impressed with the boat. I’m even more impressed by whichever one of you colour-coded the joints!


    • Not us—the frame comes already color-coded from Feathercraft! They probably started doing it after too many complaints that all the parts looked the same… and to tell the truth, many of the parts that are carefully color-coded are actually identical and interchangeable :-)


  10. I had NO IDEA there was such a thing as a foldable kayak. That’s so cool! ~Gina



    LOVE >LOVE the literal depiction here Vlad! I took tend to also be literal . Great one!


  12. Wow, that is a lot of connecting work! I admire you!


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  14. That is really cool to see photos of, great choice for the theme too.


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