Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Habit.

Gus the polar bear was one of the stars of Manhattan’s Central Park Zoo. New Yorkers took to him probably because, as a result of being cooped up in the equivalent of a tiny apartment, he was a creature of neurotic, not to say compulsive habits, such as obsessive swimming. But, like a true New Yorker, he managed to thrive on his neuroses—he outlived both his younger female companions, and finally died this past summer, aged 27 (which is quite old for a polar bear).

DSC_0122 cropped smallDSC_0131 cropped smallDSC_0142 cropped small

56 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

  1. Sad but touching–why do we cage animals? At least some zoos give animals a large arena to roam that mimics their natural habitats. Animals adjust as people do.


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  5. Aw… poor guy. Maybe he is running free now?!


  6. Gus is gorgeous. He is as well to live out his days there now but I think the time is near that there will be no more zoos. It is most people`s only way to enjoy the animals but not the best life for them. It is good to know he has his space. Just a lovely man he is!


  7. Way cool shots, he’s soooooo cute! :-) Big loss to New Yorkers.


  8. A New York polar bear! – the imagination boggles yet maybe it was his obsessive habits that kept him going.


  9. Oh yes; I remember Gus. He fit in with us neurotic New Yorkers. He was kind of the Woody Allen of the zoo.


  10. Not fair!! You have the terribly-cute factor working for you in these photos. Even though polar bears are not at all friendly and nice, they always appear to be so.



  11. A polar bear in New York…it almost feels like there’s a song in that :-)
    Your shots are very cute, despite his neurotic tendencies!


  12. Loved the first- pious praying bear- picture! Awesome!


  13. Looks like he is thinking….
    “And I don’t want to be bothered by you either. Don’t waste my time.”


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  17. Lovely photos, but aww, what a shame. Bless him :(


  18. Poor bear, captured and contained. Yet given what is happening to his natural habitat perhaps he was lucky to be the object of curious human attention rather than indifferent.


  19. He’s magnificent. So sad he’s no longer with us.


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  23. What beautiful pictures!


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  28. I like your interpretation and these beautiful close-ups, Vladimir!


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