Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Containers.

The key to efficient expedition kayaking is the successful management of containers. It’s taken us a while to learn that lesson…

How will all this stuff fit into those two little kayaks??

How will it all fit?(2014 Everglades Challenge)

It’s a matter of the right containers

Camp in the woods(2011 Hudson River paddle from Albany to NYC)

to be able to find things when we need them

Found it!(2012 Long Island circumnavigation)

and quickly set up camp before the evening mosquitoes swarm

Setting up camp(2012 Long Island circumnavigation)

or make dinner on a dark beach before the tide comes flooding in…

Dinner on the beach(2014 Everglades Challenge)

24 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

  1. Great take on the challenge!


  2. Some containers are more important than others, and surely yours rank right up there!


  3. Excellent photo-story! I think REI should team with you … that’s quite an impressive collection of gear. ;)


  4. Considering the kayaks containers, too?


  5. The upside… no baggage fees! :)


  6. I can only imagine the amount of triple checking and organization this takes! Great for the theme.


  7. vastlycurious.com

    Containers personified ! So organized are you both.


  8. Wow! Impressive planning and containing ;)


  9. You do fit a lot I to your kayaks.


  10. wow .. never knew you could put that much gear in a kayak… thats what i say efficient planning …. great shots !!!


  11. great organizational and management skills!


  12. Wow! That’s quite the variety and quantity of containers. I see you’ve both acquired some skills in logistics along your many journeys. Good job! :-)


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