By Vladimir Brezina

Seen on our travels through New York Harbor—

New York Harbor 1
New York Harbor 2
New York Harbor 3
New York Harbor 4
New York Harbor 5
New York Harbor 6

Spot Johna in the last photo!

A contribution to Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge, Industry.

17 responses to “Industry

  1. Very impressive pictures. Colourful and put the ships into perspective :-) <3


  2. looks strong enough to
    give kayaks a lift :-)


  3. You mean little, tiny Johna playing with the big boys??!!! How awesome!


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  5. It’s amazing. You still can catch those photos while kayaking…


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  7. Loved the vivid colors of your photos…:)


  8. I can load a well balanced kayak for island camping but am in awe of these. I am working my way through the Annapolis Seamanship book and watched a couple of vids on the math/physics involved in the design/lading of these behemoths. Cool photos.


    • Yes, I think they have to have a plan ahead of time for where on the ship to put each container, based on its weight. Didn’t I read a recent report somewhere of a container ship that broke in half because the containers were improperly loaded? I think they must have put too much weight in the bow and stern of the ship and not enough in the middle, so that the ship broke in half due to hogging in large waves.


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