Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime, Take Two

By Vladimir Brezina

IMGP1118 cropped smallThis week’s Photo Challenge is Lunchtime. I’ve already shown what our lunchtime very often looks like. And continuing the same theme, here is today’s lunch!

It was snowing.

IMGP1105 cropped small

But lunch was just one of the many high points of this trip, which Johna is writing up. Watch this space!

43 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime, Take Two

  1. Like the red amidst the gray and snow.


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  3. You guys are hard. I can’t eat on water like that (think: vomit). And the snow! (shudder)


    • Johna Till Johnson

      Oh, it really wasn’t that bad! The water was calm, and the one time we caught a few swells (the wake of a passing boat, actually) we mostly worried about spilling the tea!

      My hands did get chilly, as they always do (I need to start wearing my gloves at lunchtime)….But nothing that didn’t go away after a few minutes of paddling!


  4. sounds cold vlad!!! our son now lives in paris, it is cold there too, we had a very cold weather conversation this morning … aussies are not used to much winter :)


    • Johna Till Johnson

      :-) Well, we Northerners (what’s the opposite of antipodean?) aren’t much able to handle the blazing sun! Whenever I have to paddle in sunlight, I make sure to wear screening gear from Australia–you guys know how to handle it!


  5. Another tasty lunch on your launch.


  6. Seems more intimate than sitting face to face at a dining table :-D


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  8. It sure looks cold! But healthy. :-)


  9. Love the colors. Nice light lunch. I hope that’s a hot drink in your hand for a cold day.



  10. I am amzed at what you can do in a kayak. Great photo ….


    • Johna Till Johnson

      Oh, when you’re rafted up (meaning side-by-side and holding on to each other’s kayaks) you can do quite a lot, including stand up in one! They become extremely stable when there’s more than one….


  11. Wow! I admire anyone who can eat with the rocking of the waves. I’d be a mess.


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  13. I would love to try this out, having lunch on a water surface~
    We have very few places to attempt this feat though T__To


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  15. I can’t think of many better ways to spend lunch time :-)


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  17. oh my goodness! what a great post! you get the prize for braving those waters in those temperatures! i am polar opposite and do better in warm temperatures.


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  19. You two are a very hardy pair. My hands would be frozen without gloves.


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