Happy Fall!

By Vladimir Brezina

The September Equinox occurred today, September 23, 2011, at 09:04 UTC, or 5:04 a.m. in New York City. And with it, the first day of Fall!

Autumn in New York
Why does it seem so inviting?

It’s autumn in New York
It’s good to live it again.”

To celebrate and anticipate the joys of fall, here is a gallery of fall foliage photos that I took in NYC’s Central Park last year on one spectacularly beautiful day, October 28 (late in the year for peak foliage color, it might seem, but not so in NYC’s urban heat island).

The individual photos are here.

10 responses to “Happy Fall!

  1. Gorgeous! I can’t wait for autumn to really hit New York, I made do with a few glimpses of it in Central Park today.


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  3. Yeah! This is a stunning group of photos of NYC’s Central Park!


    • Thanks, Rafael—and thanks for following our blog! :-)

      Unfortunately, some of the trees in these photos, taken almost three years ago now, are no longer there—victims of the several storms, such as Hurricane Sandy, that we’ve had since then…


  4. Vladimir, it’s a pity!. I didn’t know that Hurricane Sandy had affected to NYC so hard . I hope that NYC’s government has replanted similar trees and in a few years NYC’s Park will come back as beautiful as in the pictures showing. :)
    I will continue following your blog. It is very interesting.


    • Sandy certainly hit NYC, and surrounding areas, pretty hard—downed trees were the least of it.

      And actually it’s sometimes the smaller storms that are more damaging to the parks. Several years ago there was a violent thunderstorm, over in half an hour, that knocked down a couple of thousands trees in Central Park.

      Yes, they are replanted, but take many years to grow to maturity. The spot where the big tree once stood is never quite the same again.


  5. Unfortunately you’re right. Many trees are slow growing and therefore it will be many years until they reach the splendor of maturity. But we have to be optimistic. Our children will see them. I have read your post of October 31, 2011. It’s very interesting and very well structured, even it is made when the sad facts. I have seen that in The New York Times also gave good information like “Where Manhattan is at Risk for Flooding”.
    Here in Spain we mainly suffered devastating forest fires that have made lose irreparable forests and landscapes.



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