Travel Theme: White

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa‘s Travel-Themed Photo Challenge this week is White, to mark today’s International Day of Peace.

I don’t have any photos of white doves (or peacocks), but this seems very appropriate:

More photos are here.

36 responses to “Travel Theme: White

  1. Flowers for peace, any day, Vlad :)


  2. Perfect, Vlad. xxx Ailsa


  3. I thought surely you would do white water! But this is really lovely.


  4. Beautiful Vladimir!!!! And they look so transparent!!!!


  5. Stunning Vladimir :)


  6. I, too, am in search of doves [at least]. Beautiful pictures and the white water was a lovely treat.


  7. great entry, such delicate flowers


  8. Was the second picture a macro shot? Beautiful flower pictures, Vlad!


  9. Just fabulous – they look so fragile!


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