Alien Life

By Vladimir Brezina

For a whole year it had been just sitting there, not doing anything much. Then, one day, we noticed that it had suddenly sprouted a pod.

This was a couple of weeks ago. Now it’s back to its old self, just sitting there… that’s the Amaryllis flower over for another year!

More photos are here.

14 responses to “Alien Life

  1. What beautiful reds.


  2. Love the photos – great intense red! I used to have a collection of amaryllis, until I left them out in a hard frost :-( If you have a balcony, they like a summer outdoors with extra food, then a trip to a dark closet in mid to late September to force dormancy, then back in the light in early December. Its hard to get them to bloom at Christmas but mine usually bloomed in January with this routine. Still, an unexpected bloom in April/May is a nice treat!


    • Thanks, Lynn!

      Yes, I was vaguely aware that we were supposed to do something like that, but we didn’t. So we got lucky! I guess the Amaryllis just got tired of not being the center of attention :-)

      But this year we won’t trust to luck—we’ll follow your advice…


  3. I’m so glad you came by my blog and sent a LIKE my way. I was able to find you and I love your blog. These photos are gorgeous. The flowers are so beautiful and vibrant. :D


  4. It is a beautiful flower. I have an orchid that also only blooms once a year.


  5. Oh I love it, fantastic photos, Vlad, hurray for red! xxx


  6. Nice portraiture of your amaryllis! All captured in pixels ’til next year’s bloom.


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