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Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Street Life.

New York City: Descending into the subway—

Descending into the subway

Another, more leisurely response is here.

Paddling in the Florida Dusk

By Vladimir Brezina

People often ask us why we go. Well, this is one of the reasons…

IMGP2317 cropped small

Florida Bay, December 2013, on Day 6 of our Everglades Shakedown paddle.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Window: “Windows … are portals into the world’s stories. Glimpses into other people’s lives.”

From our window in the big city, we see ten thousand other windows light up as dusk falls—ten thousand stories all around us. It’s touching to realize, as a general proposition, that they are there.

But ten thousand are too many. There’s no special reason to look into one lighted window or another. And nobody worries about being the one among ten thousand that somebody might be watching. This is the big city. Hardly anybody even bothers to lower their blinds…

DSC_0060 cropped small

Evening Light in the City

By Vladimir Brezina

New York City 2002-2012