By Vladimir Brezina

The Daily Post‘s Weekly Photo Challenge, usually posted on Fridays,  is sometimes delayed. Whenever this happens, bloggers get antsy. Some may even break ranks and charge ahead to propose their own themes. A while ago it was Ailsa of Where’s my backpack?. This time it’s Nicole of Thirdeyemom. Her theme is Colors.

Hmm… I’ve posted a number of posts recently that might seem to fall into that category. There’s this one, for instance, or this, or this. But not really. What we want here is not a photo where the subject is colored, but rather one where the colors are the subject…

Such as this one!

20 responses to “Colors

  1. This certainly fits the criteria for color! Wow, that will wake up anyone! Z


  2. So colorful!!! Is it a drum set?


  3. Super bright colours, Vlad. :)


  4. That’s color alright!!!


  5. Loved the photo Vlad – certainly fits the theme! But also, thanks for posting the video; I love gathering examples of mechanical and robotic instruments for my Music Tech classes – this one is great and new to me!


  6. I love it! Great representation! I also love how you say us bloggers get ansty! He He. So true. I probably won’t do this again but then who knows. Glad you joined in the fun with such a colorful representation!


  7. Yeap, amazing colors! Good job! :D


  8. I almost loks like the background is the for-ground and vice versa.
    Colorful and full of life.


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