Dry Objects

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge from “The Daily Post” is Object, and Ailsa’s over at “Where’s my backpack?” is Dry.

So, here are a few Dry Objects…

DSC_0039 cropped small
Dry Objects 2
Dry Objects 3
DSC_0027 cropped small
DSC_0065 cropped small
Dry Objects 6
DSC_0053 cropped small

More photos taken (in NYC’s Central Park) on these days are here and here.

Another interpretation of  “Object” was here, and another of “Dry” here.

54 responses to “Dry Objects

  1. Those are gorgeous! And certainly dry. ;)


  2. you pictures have reminded me of the time before winter when many plants dry and go into hibernation.


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  4. Lovely! I especially like the milkweed pods. The “fluff” is so pretty in the light.


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  6. The fifth and seventh photo make me want to touch the white fluff it appears so real. Great photos.


  7. beautiful Vlad, and clever!


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  10. Like the first photo the best but all are good. That really is dry.


  11. I love the pods bursting and the seeds being disbursed…great photos!…


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  13. Dry object 5 is lovely. the rest are not bad


  14. Lovely light on the second photo.


  15. Stunning shots Vlad! And lovely light especially in the third shot.


  16. there’s beauty in those wilted moments :-)


  17. All beautiful and a great way to combine the two challenges! I LOVE milkweed. :-)


  18. vastlycurious.com

    I like what on the inside : ))))


  19. Sweet as a Picture



  20. The objects are “dry” but the photographs are not :)


  21. Wonderful objects, and great lightning!


  22. Fabulous pics Vladimir :)


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  24. Great combination of the two challenges!! Love these images


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  26. Love the back light and textures!


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