Winter Sunset at the Reservoir

By Vladimir Brezina
Posted on December 28, 2011

The Central Park Reservoir is just a couple of blocks from my door. Its 1.6-mile perimeter path offers a perfect short walk for that spare hour… I go often, rain or shine, and bring my camera.

Last time, the brilliant yellows, oranges, and reds of Fall were everywhere. But now Winter rules. I got to the Reservoir just in time to see the short day’s setting sun light up the last few scraps of color…

But happily the more subdued palette of Winter offers its own, subtle possibilities…

A soft lavender post-sunset glow still bathed the buildings on the other side of the Reservoir, but my side sank into the browns and grays of dusk—






—where, appropriately, a field of dry weeds piqued my interest…

(taking a leaf out of Ailsa’s book, here)

In the failing light, I had to use flash to capture the fine details of the weeds…

… although a long exposure without flash had its own possibilities too…

And now, even the last glow of sunset was fading… Time to go home.

More photos are here.

4 responses to “Winter Sunset at the Reservoir

  1. The last seedpod shot was luminescent, wonderful details for all. Beautiful post!


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