Travel Theme: Wood

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Wood.

IMGP3315 cropped smallIMGP3316 cropped small 2

22 responses to “Travel Theme: Wood

  1. Beautiful grains of the wood…as though I could touch them.


  2. Beautiful photos of engrossing grains. The texture is palpable.


  3. Bleached pine (?) looking like some exotic material from the studio of an ArtDeco super crafts person. Extraordinarily beautiful.


  4. Confess if relevant, Vladimir: are these extraordinary shots enhanced?


    • I made a whole range of these with different degrees of color saturation. These are more saturated that what came out of the camera. (Of course, many cameras—especially point-and-shoots, which this was—process the image in their own ways right at the start, whether you like it or not.) At the other extreme, I have B&W versions of these which are also quite nice… :-)


  5. Like a painting, beautiful!


  6. If only they could talk, what stories they would tell!


  7. I love your choice!


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