Tugboat Race 2015

By Vladimir Brezina

Tugboat Race 64

Ah, the familiar first signs of Fall: the first crisp days and chilly nights, trees beginning to turn color here and there, migrating geese honking overhead…

And, of course, the Tugboat Race.

Tugboat Race 49Every year on Labor Day Sunday, the Working Harbor Committee brings together, in the Hudson River off Midtown Manhattan, a collection of New York Harbor tugs—those that can spare a rare half-day off work—to engage in

Tugboat Race 73various feats of tugboat strength: a race, nose-to-nose pushing contests, a line-throwing competition, and, for the kids as well as hyper-competitive tugboat captains, a spinach-eating contest.

We’ve attended the last three years, and written quite a bit about the occasion (in 2012, 2013, and 2014). So let’s go straight to the photos of this year’s event, the 23rd Annual Great North River Tugboat Race & Competition!

(Click on any photo to start slideshow)

1. Tugboat parade

2. The race

3. Nose-to-nose pushing contests

4. Line-throwing competition

5. The tugboats docked

6. Spinach-eating contest!

And that’s all until next year!

More photos are here.


The official results of the 2015 Tugboat Race & Competition are here.

Other photographers have also posted great photos of the event:

  • Mitch Waxman, via the Working Harbor Committee: here.
  • John Skelson and Phyllis Featherstone, via the Working Harbor Committee: here and here.
  • Tugster: here and here.
  • Frogma: here.

17 responses to “Tugboat Race 2015

  1. Great fun photos :-)


  2. a spinach eating contest? haha. i must tell my father about this. he’s retired now, but was a tugboat captain for 35 years.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Such a marvelous gallery of photos. I really like the guy throwing the rope. Excellent timing on this shot :D


    • Well, one way to ensure excellent timing is to set the camera to take a burst of shots in quick succession and select the best one… I didn’t do that in this case but will do so in the future if I remember :-)


  4. I wish I had been there! Great photos. I think the rope throwing one is genius! And the fireboats spraying – wow!


  5. awesome captures! what a fun day! :)


  6. Such great photos! This looks like so much fun.


  7. Beautiful photos Vlad! It was an awesome day and I’m so glad (mostly) everything went off without a hitch! It was extra challenging without our Capt Doswell at the helm – I hope we did him proud. Thanks for joining us for the fun, and see you next year for the 24th annual Tugboat Race!! (every Labor Day Sunday)

    PS: Shellie Troy Anderson: Our Spinach-Eating Contest is open to anyone who dares! We have both kids and adult divisions, and you might want to tell your Dad that this years adult div. winner downed that spinach in 8 seconds. EIGHT!!


  8. Fabulous pictures of what looks like a really fun event! Maybe it’s just the way you present it, but I don’t remember New York being nearly so much fun when I lived there :-)


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