Happy Fall!

By Vladimir Brezina

BacklitWe passed the September Equinox earlier today—and so, Happy Fall, everyone!

(Or of course, in the Southern hemisphere, Happy Spring!)


21 responses to “Happy Fall!

  1. Happy fall to you too, Vlad.


  2. Stunning colours! Happy autumn — this “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” is one of my favourite times of the year.


  3. Happy fall to you too.


  4. Lovely photo. I enjy looking at the Fall colours.


  5. This is simply stunning ~ Thank You!
    Have you read any Helene Hanff? She loved living in NYC, and this reminds me of many things she wrote.


  6. boon of autumn
    flower before the fall
    nice picture


  7. What a beautiful photograph. The colours of autumn are just fab aren’t they? :)


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