By Vladimir Brezina

The doors of NYC’s Upper East Side in the springtime—

Springtime door 1Springtime door 2Springtime door 3

A contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge, Door.

15 responses to “Door

  1. Absolutely beautiful – springtime in New York. The flowering trees add to the loveliness with a few sneezes for good measure. Happy Fourth of July!

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  2. Love these doors – remind me of some from Chicago I’ll post later. Happy Fourth!

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  3. Springtime in NY, who needs Paris?! Lovely Vladimir!

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  4. Door are absolutely improved by apple blossoms! All door look better in the springtime :-) These are just lovely.

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  5. What a beautiful door….the pretty soft blossom softens everything :-)

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  6. So pretty! I love it.

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  7. lovely photos especially the last one! :)

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  10. good photos. The tree blossoms add a lot.

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