Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Between.

DSC_0038 cropped small 2

From last year’s Coney Island Mermaid Parade. (Story and many more photos are here.)

This year’s Mermaid Parade is on June 21st—tomorrow!

61 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

  1. Oh i love this!
    Jane x


  2. Very mysterious….between this world and the other?


  3. This is an awesome shot!


  4. I love, love, loved, your mermaid parade pictures – just as good as being there – maybe better ’cause I could really inspect the details!


  5. Oh, wow, that’s a great picture. There are a lot of “between” going on in that shot. Good choice.


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  8. cool interpretation


  9. A very unusual photo … love it !!!


  10. Great focus on her eye while I can feel the movement of her hand. Love this shot Vlad.


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  12. The motion of the hand adds dimension to the photo that wouldn’t be there otherwise. Good job!



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  14. love the details…nice..


  15. Such a beautiful shot! Fantastic!


  16. i’d call dat seQuential :)


  17. Sweet as a Picture

    Did you go this year? If so, can’t wait to see this year’s photos. :-)


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  19. Really cool photo Vladimir!


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  22. Super amazing picture.


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